Straud Legacy

Straud Legacy – Chapter 1


I sit in an armchair in the bar as I often do during the last night hours. Sometimes I have a drink, sometimes I don’t, and I never speak with anyone. I have already asked around for far too many times and only been given strange looks in return. But I do not need to speak anymore. If there is something I have learnt over these 280 years, it is telepathy – the power of thought. If I want to know something from someone I simply let my thoughts wander to them and enter their space, their mind and whole being and thus I can explore and collect the information I want.

As I let my gaze wander around the room I notice a man standing in front of me. His eyes are gentle and squinting as his lips curls into a smile when I look up at him. His hair reminds me of golden fields. I’m still for a moment as I reach out to him in thought and – nothing. I raise my eyebrows in surprise.

“What?” He asks with a light chuckle.

I gently squint my eyes, attempting to enter his space with my thoughts again.

“Nothing.” I say with a little smile and look away. I have never come across anyone who has blocked me out from their minds. Apart from other vampires. But he is not a vampire, and other vampires does not come to this bar. At least, I have never met anyone of them here.

So, he is human. And he is… imune.

Straud Legacy

Straud Legacy – Behind the scenes / Extra material 

Time has passed from 1737 to 2017 and Tinúviel has to blend in with the humans to not give away her true form.

Over the years Tinúviel has done a lot of travelling and educated herself in various things, mainly in languages. Why, you may ask? She is on a quest, a secret search to find the man – erm, being – that turned her. (Her father had called it God’s punishment for her misbehaviour when she had refused to be given away in marriage, but Tinúviel thinks that it’s not. Something wicked as what she has become can not be the work of God.)

Her motherlanguage wouldn’t be of any help. So to make herself understood and to be able to find her maker, Tinúviel has had to learn english and other languages such as french.

Why doesn’t she have a more common swedish name? Her father was the High Priest and close to God. Whilst deep in a prayer he had been given the message that “Lady Tinúviel will come to you and she will bring you to Him”. He thought it strange, the Bible never spoke of a Lady Tinúviel. But when his wife became pregnant he knew. The message had been about his daughter.

Tinúviel was born in the sign of the Scorpio in 1721 and turned not long after her 16th birthday.

Her father’s name is John Abrahamsson and her mother’s name is Anna (Gustavsson before marriage).

Although Tinúviel was only 12 years it was common for girls to be wedded at the age of 13 at the early years of the 1700th, her father did not see it suitable just yet. He said that God had a plan for her and that he would know when time had come for her to be given to another man. So the years passed and in 1734 a law was written. Young women of at least 15 and men of 21 as the youngest was to be married. •

Tinúviel refused and when her 16th birthday came her mother and father was becoming anxious and stressed. John had often spoke to God through prayer about his daughter’s stubborn mind, Anna had tried t reason with their girl.

“I do want to marry, mother. But not because I must. I do not wish to end up unhappy.” – T

“It is true that I did not love your father when we married, but I grew to love him as he grew to love me. And through our love and with the love of God, you were born. You will marry, my girl. And if there is no love at the start, there will be love with time.” – A

Tinúviel has always been an intensively passionate girl of the quiet sort. Making conversation has never been one of her great abilities.

Straud Legacy

Straud Legacy – Prologue 

I was born in the Scandinavian kingdom Sweden, raised by strict parents and cared for by a beautiful amma who was more like a mother to me than my mother. My father was well known, in fact everyone  knew him. My father was the high priest. As the man closest to God, father prayed that I would be given a blissful life and a good husband. I refused to be married away to someone I hadn’t met before, let alone didn’t love. If I was to marry I wanted it to be because of that – love.

I had never been disobedient or made my parents look bad, but my father and mother took it very hard that I wouldn’t give myself away. They told me that I was growing up, that I was of age, that my beauty wasn’t going to last forever and most importantly- they wanted grandchildren. When I once again refused, my father said that I was a disgrace to our family and that I had disobeyed God. I was to be punished, he said.

I was in terrible guilt and fear of what might happen to me. But nothing happend and weeks turned into months. The fear and guilt slowly calmed down and I could breathe again. Then it happened. I can still hear their screams of fear and pain. When I close my eyes I still see  my father’s face as all his colour faints away, his dim eyes as the light in him is put out. I can still hear his last words… 

If this is my punishment, I don’t know. Because this, what I have become is not the work of God. This making bears another name. Vladislaus.